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Install Drywall and Mudding, taping etc

Drywall / Mud / Tape

Regina, SK
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Where is the service required?
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Drywall; Mud; Tape
What type of service is required?
Supply & Install
Which area(s) require Drywall/Mud/Taping services?
Bedroom(s); Living Room
What type of Ceiling do you require?
Textured; Dropped Ceiling
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Any other details for your Drywall / Mud / Tape Service?
My basement area is mostly drywalled except one interior wall (partition) on a room approx 13ft. Rest of the area only needs a finishing such as mud, tape etc. Room already framed. The measurement are as follows, see image and floor layout for reference. Room : One interior wall New Drywall and finish (red): Length : 13ft (inside), H: 8ft 3 walls (existing drywall): 13ft + 8.5 + 8.5 Living room: Existing drywall (see image) each numbered wall : 13 + 8.5 + 7.6 + 8.5+7.6+7.6 + 12 + 8
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